From Wheat to Bread accross the EU food supply chain

The EU Pavilion, World Expo on 1 May - 31 October 2015 in Milano

Food and nutrition as the centre of life for all citizens is the perspective introduced by Expo Milano 2015: having healthful and widespread food from agriculture is first of all a social necessity, while nutrition represents the vital energy of the whole planet, the condition for a sustainable development based on giving proper and consistent nourishment to the body, but also on respecting each human being’s life habits, on healthcare and on technological innovation.

"Wheat is truly the grain that binds Europe together. Throughout history, every European culture has developed a traditional bread specialty, a unique expression of hearth, home and sustenance. While each country expresses this staple food in a different way, the presence of bread at the centre of the table ties European to one another. Founding Element of European Civilization it is also the first source of protein in our diet."

The ground floor of the EU exhibition space will be dedicated to the visitor experience. It will lead the visitor through a story line covering the EU food supply chain and concentrating on the example of wheat & bread.

The European Flour Millers General Assembly meeting will take place on 22 May 2015 in Milano.