A delegation of European flour millers discover the Brazil agribusiness

A delegation of European flour millers went to Sao Paulo in September 2013. The objective was to discover the rising agri-business power, which today increasingly impacts the global supply & demand of agricultural commodities.

Overview of Brazil Agribusiness

Brazil is widely considered an economic success story among emerging markets. Some analysts say its economy may become the 5th-largest by 2016. Agriculture in Brazil represents only about 5% of GDP of the country, but the food industry represents 1/4 of GDP and 40% of its exports. Other rising giants, most notably China, cannot get enough of Brazil's soybeans and beef, its two signature exports. Also in the 2012/13 season Brazil was the world's largest maïze exporter, accounting for more than 25% of the world trade total. That is pretty amazing for a country that exported about 4 million tonnes of maïze a decade ago with a market share of around 6%.

Flour milling & baking in Brazil

Industrial sites visited by the EFM Delegation

  • Bunge Moema Plant in Orindiúva, producing sugar and bioethanol and its sugar cane plantation
  • Anaconda Flour Mill in Sao Paulo