The way to high-level safety and quality standards for flour in the EU

Food safety and quality have reached a very high standard in the EU. Ensuring this level remains high, is a constant challenge for the flour millers.

The experts of the Technical & Regulatory Affairs Committee provide broad and in-depth expertise in regulatory, technical and environmental issues with the objectives of containing compliance costs and promoting sustainability. They monitor the EU legislation and act as a forum checking the way(s) it is implemented at national level.


Committee experts disseminate guidance to the industry on health and safety matters, often in co-operation with member national associations;


A dust explosion can occur when a source of ignition is introduced into the right mix of dust and oxygen. The association has commissioned research into the 'mildly explosive' characteristics of flour dust, providing essential information for millers and mill engineers alike;


Flour milling companies provide European Commission services & EFSA with reports on raw material contaminants' monitoring on a regular basis, to see if any lessons can be passed on to the rest of the industry.

Raising awareness

The association runs initiatives aimed at raising and maintaining awareness of health and safety throughout the workforce, across the EU countries in collaboration with the national associations.

The European Flour Millers' members take great care to ensure that the flour they produce meets all legislative and food safety requirements.

Member of the EC Advisory Group on the Food Chain, Animal & Plant Health

The association is member of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain & Animal & Plant Health as EU Primary Food Processor. The group brings together key stakeholders including farmers, the food industry, retailers and consumer organisations to advise the European Commission on food safety policy.